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The Yiddish Word Of The Day (YWOTD) is Gut-Morgn In English Good Morning

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

So who is Lin-Manuel Miranda and why do I like him so much, now you know! I wish I would have been invited to this wedding, but I’m happy I got to see it on the net. If you are … Continue reading

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Teachers who inspire not require.

In reading todays entry over at Roland’s Ramblings, it brought to my mind one of the best teacher movies I’ve ever seen, do you remember Dead Poets Society? Let me share with you a clip so you can better understand … Continue reading

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My Dad & Arizona

David Bernard Rosenberg July 28, 1912 – August 19, 1980 That would have made my Dad 99 years old today! Every year on the day of his birth, I thank God I was luckly enough to have him as my … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Kim

My wish is one day I could tell Kim Happy Birthday in person. It’s difficult when people choose to not be a part of your life, even after giving them life!!! You would understand this better if you saw my previous post … Continue reading

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Post Office’s going Non-Postal

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe released a long-awaited “post office study” of nearly 3,700 potential closings in all 50 states and Washington D.C. The closings could cost the jobs of about 3,000 postmasters, 500 supervisors and another 500 to 1,000 clerks, … Continue reading

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Forbid Reality TV Star Procreation

To:  Anthony Weiner, We the undersigned reality TV viewers request that a bill be introduced forbidding the procreation of TV reality stars. As viewers of “Big Brother,” “The Jersey Shore,” “Celebrity Rehab,” any show with the names “Hilton,” or “Kardashian” … Continue reading

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Amy Winehouse Dead

This may seem to be a strange entry for me to make, why? Because I didn’t like Amy Winehouse when she was alive, so why should I care now! Truth is, I hate to hear about anyone so young that was so … Continue reading

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Orange Sun

Orange sun, ablaze in the sky, Soon to be yellow, as it raises up high. What heat will you release, How hot will you get? Hide behind a cloud for a few moments of relief, Then peek back out, if … Continue reading

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Doppler Sizes

I can only imagine what would happen if our weathermen (WM) met after a few drinks and they had this conversation bragging about the size of their Dopplers! WM 1: You can’t beat MY Ultra Doppler. WM 2: My Super Doppler could … Continue reading

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