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Knock knock, Who’s there? Boo Boo who, Why are you crying ya big baby! Happy and safe Halloween to all the kids and their parents or caretakers tonight. Every year it is tradtion that my grandsons save me a Butterfinger, … Continue reading

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Touch Typing

This entry is the result of my many hours spent at the public library using the internet. I was observing how people use the keyboard. Some use the hunt and peck method, while others use the old school method of … Continue reading

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You Are What You Read

I recently found out about this site and it really spoke to me, I hope it does the same for you. So what are the 5 books I would pick, have you any idea how hard that is, just 5 … Continue reading

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Tuesdays election can’t get here quick enough for me. It will take all the stupid ads off the air. Give me more car ads or Coke ads, I promise I won’t say a bad word. The dirty ads that are … Continue reading

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Crazy Weather

Can you believe the crazy weather that is going on all over the place today? I can’t believe some of the crazy weathermen on TV these days! Where is Willard Scott to bring some balance to this crazy weather! Now … Continue reading

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The overWelling pick of who should play the role of Superman is none other than Smallvilles Tom Welling. This is according to Entertaintment Weekly who is conducting the poll and Tom has 56% so far. It has been said that “All … Continue reading

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We are related by blood,  But it’s cousin love    That seals our bond From here until the great beyond! I met you again just last week, We’d been estranged for lack of seeking, Being apart for lack of a good … Continue reading

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Bite my tongue!

I received a letter because I spoke my mind to someone who’s mind has been lost many years ago. It’s sad that in today’s world one must hold their tongue. Written on the outside of the envelope was this, “God … Continue reading

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Every song ends that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the music while it lasts!

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Mrs. C & Mr. C

Two both of my favorite C’s, REST IN PEACE! Mrs. Cleaver and Mr. Cunningham.

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