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The End

Everything will be okay in The End, If it’s not okay, it’s not The End!  Author Unknown

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Whatcha Gonna Do?

Burton Crane answered that question on AGT last night! Could he be the next Senior with a hit song like American Idol “Pants on the ground” was?

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Depressed Gay Penguins?

This story is the real thing, it’s a must read! Now that you have read the story, I have a question for you, should they have been separated and turned straight or just left the way they were?

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X-Ray Day

This morning I went to have a new set of x-rays on my new knee! I’m ready to see the doctor on Thursday and ready for good news!! As I put on my Facebook update, I am having a great … Continue reading

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Panic Attack

I just am getting over having a severe Panic Attack!!! Breathe, OK, I’m taking another breath!!! I didn’t know until just about an hour ago that I lost my wallet yesterday! It could only have been at 1 of 2 … Continue reading

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“Make Something Amazing!”

I woke up to a new day every little thing gonna go my way I woke up to a lightbulb on, everything is possible now Love is a bright idea I built my life around the love that I’ve found … Continue reading

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Happiness is Calling Me………..

Happiness is calling me and calling me and calling me, I just can’t get enough happiness!!!!!

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