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Bed Bugs

The list you must check before you check in! Make sure you don’t stay here.

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Royal Sol

My mothers father was named Sol. I’ve always liked that name! So when I found this Sol, I took it as an omen that maybe I should get him! Oh! Yeah, I dream alot!

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If the first thought that came to your mind is this Sully, it would be expected because of his recent hero status. But I was talking about this Sully!

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March 28, 2010

Lets see, on this date in the future, it will be my grandson Bens 15th birthday. Do you know where you will be on this date. I do, I’m planning ahead for the WWF Wrestle-Mania in Glendale, AZ.

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Dog Warden

Mr. Konop said he wants a yet-to-be formed dog warden advisory panel. I would like to put my name on the list for consideration for the panel. So if Mr. Ben would like to talk to me about it, my numbers … Continue reading

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Street Names

Who would want to buy a home on a street named, No Luck Way? Well someone paid $340,000 for a house on that street in gold Canyon, AZ. Or, how about a tongue twister name like E. Luck Vista View, … Continue reading

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What the boob do you mean! If you saw the Ellen show the other day, her guest was Naomi Watts. She told Ellen how Liev Schrieber wants to be a hands on dad! It was news to me that such … Continue reading

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Criminal Minds

While watching this show last evening I was curious about a term they use on every show, Unsub! Unknown Subject of an Investigation! I’m not curious anymore!

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Laugh Often

I love to laugh. Ok, that is an understatement, I need to laugh and so should you. It is one way to reduce stress and that in turn aides your overall health, like some people think yoga does! Did you … Continue reading

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Jason Mraz

Worth every bit of 7:42 minutes to watch this. I’m thinking I really need to get his CD. If you have his CD, how would you rate it? I’m a new fan of his!

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