More weddings, enough funerals!

I’m not sure what I expected my life would be like at 71, but not this! We have had too much death in both our families! My husbands brother died, my cousin died in the past few months! Looking ahead is a grand Daughters wedding in January, but it will be in New York and the weather could be really bad! So in trying to plan for the future I keep getting reminded of how things took shape in the past. Long range plans and being 71 years old just seems a bit of an oxymoron! I guess I will look in my crystal ball for some answers, it can’t hurt-right? Party on!!!!!

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Never Again……..!!!!!

The title to this entry is not what you may have thought it is about! So let me just list all the things I will never need to deal with again!

People walking like elephants above my head! I hate Apartments!!!!

People who act like pigs and don’t properly get rid of garbage!

Smells in the hallway from different apartments cooking!

Lies from Management about Luxury Living!

Running out of space to properly store items!

Will I be treated with such Disrespect by someone younger than my Grand kids!

Never again will I need to get permission for anything! I’ll hang things on any wall I want with whatever I want! If I want a cat, I’ll just get one! No $250.00 pet deposit and $20.00 a month furever!!!

Will I be told what I can do as far as decorating goes, I’ll paint my rooms any color I want.

I know there are many more things I could write about that will “never again” be in my world. But you get the big picture by now! Some of us are just not meant to be apartment dwellers. We sure did learn the hard way. Never Again!

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Tattoo on you!!!!!

I love my temporary tattoos! I really like my Hot Jewels Metallic tattoos! I find it interesting that body art-tattoos are so the rage today! So, I decided to take a poll of my friends and asked “How do you decide what tattoo to get and where it is placed on your body? Does each tattoo have a special meaning or is it just something you like? Tattoo’s are very BIG business these days! How much have you spend so far on yours?” Here are their answers;

“Me myself, i got my first one with a friend, i drew it up and we both got the same one, 65.00 the placing was just where we thought it wouldn’t hurt. Lol. My 2nd one was cuz i liked it And i put my own spin on it, 100.00 my 3rd and 4th were tiny one heart and this sign ; for hurting yourself prevention thing 65.00 heart is on my chest and the ; is on my wrist cuz that was where those went.”

“Got this for my 65th birthday a few (?) Years back. I LOVE Flamingo’s. It is on my inner right ankle so I can see it when I cross my legs. Cost around $100. Maybe 5 inches at the most. PS. Don’t plan on another.”

“I have 2. The first I got with my two best friends and the second was to honor my Dad. I don’t plan on anymore. I paid $100 and $50″

” I don’t have any, because needles, but I know what I want.
A peach, as realistic as possible, on the back of my neck. My Opa’s nickname for me. I might manage to screw up the courage for this one yet.
The other, I will likely never ever get, because of the pain and expense: Briar Roses from the end of my sternum, across my ribcage, down to my hip, with a black panther such that if I do a belly roll, the cat looks like it’s running.”

“I haven’t had the time and cash line up such to get mine done yet, but here’s my planned list.
Left and right Shoulder Blades: Corresponding Wadjet. Protection in Life and Death, symbols of both Ra and Djehuti, two of my primary Deities.
Left Tricep: Inscription of the One Ring (LOTR) wrapped around. Artist’s choice in accenting.
Underside of Left Forearm, near Wrist: Kemehraht Hide and Wicker shield
Underside of Right Forearm, near Wrist: Khopesh, to match the Shield. The two signify my position as Ehrahti of Saakhiim.
Directly over my Heart: Scarab beetle. Symbol of Khepri, aspect of Ra
Outside of Left Calf: Tower of Barad Dûr, done in New School style (Cartoony, bold lines, vivid colors exaggerated proportions)
Outside of Right Calf: Isengard in the Black and Gray Linework style
Nape of the Neck: A Split Flag. One half the Pansexual Pride flag, other half the Non-binary Pride flag, with the Trans Pride flag as color clouding around it
Left Pectoral: A black Ankh. I worked hard to earn it, and wear my Silver with pride. I want one that shall be with my Kāh even when my Silver is not.
Right Pectoral: Arabic Script “حامية”, “Protector”.
Right Shoulder, winding down to Bicep: Japanese Script “銀の羽に吊り下げ” “Suspended on Silver Wings”
And that’s all for now.

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Sylvania Township Hall

Had a very nice meeting with the Sylvania Trustee John Crandall and the Administrator Oliver Turner yesterday! I can tell you Mr. Crandall was very interested to learn what is going on at King’s Pointe Senior Apartments. We were very interested to learn what the Township Trustees had to say about their dealings with the Builders and Owners of The Clover Group! I can tell you it is not all positive! We will wait and see what happens in the near future. I can tell you I will be attending the meetings of the Trustee’s!  Stay tuned

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Keep it Movin, movin, movin………

I have done just that in my lifetime. This is the best my memory has to offer up. Anyone else move more in 70 years? Here goes my list, incase my memory fails me totally!!! I like to move, NOT!

2060 Franklin Ave. Toledo, Ohio
1759 Brussels, Toledo, Ohio
Moved to Detroit, Mi. 1957
Moved back to Toledo, Oh. 1959 lived on Melrose
**** Putman Toledo, Ohio
3820 Rushland Toledo, Ohio 43613
^^^^ Auburn St. Toledo, Ohio
**** Sherwood Huntington Woods, Mi.
^^^^ Freeland, Detroit, Mi.
23500 Scotia Oak Park, Mi.
**** Lakeview Dr.   Calgary, Alberta Canada
**** Elbow Dr.  Calgary, Alberta Canada
24 Cedarwood Hill S.W.  Calgary, Alberta Canada
9827 5th Street  Calgary, Alberta Canada
Cedarbrae Apt.    Calgary, Alberta Canada
2611 106th Ave. #9  Calgary, Alberta Canada
3820 Rushland Ave. Toledo, Ohio 42613
3075 Tremainsville Rd. #101 Toledo, Ohio 43613
3034 Algonquin St. Toledo, Ohio
^^^^ 10th Street    Palmdale, California
8182 Roundup Ct. Orangevale, CA.
4635 Antelope #23    Roseville, California
3034 Algonquin St. Toledo, Ohio
3820 Rushland    Toledo, Ohio
6118 Rolland Dr. Toledo, Ohio & Mesa-24 years on Rolland and Mesa, Arizona for 12.5 years.
5522 Duncan St. Mesa, Arizona & Toledo- Mesa, AZ. ended in 2015
4120 King Rd. Sylvania, Ohio

That is a lot of moves in 70 years. One thing I know for sure is my final move! I will forever live in Ottawa Hills, Ohio!

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Rob Thomas – One Less Day (Dying Young)

I’m not afraid of getting older
I’m one less day from dying young
I see the light go past my shoulder
I’m one less day from dying young
I see my life like a train with a one-way track
I’ve made mistakes, and I couldn’t take ’em back
And I’ve been runnin’ ’round in circles ’til I’m dizzy, I can’t lie
But every night I go to sleep’s a day that I survive
I’m not afraid of getting older
I’m one less day from dying young
I see the light go past my shoulder
I’m one less day from dying young
And I’ve seen my friends fall away before their time
And I’ve been afraid that I may follow in their light
So I drink and love and whisper all the things I know are right
Someday, I will leave this world, but maybe not tonight
I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid) of getting older
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young
I see the light (I see the light) go past my shoulder
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young (yeah!)
All my life I have been wandering
Burning up my candle like my time just won’t end
And I’ll keep burning ’til there’s nothing left
Praying that tomorrow I can do it all again
And if I get tomorrow, I will do it all again
I’m not afraid of getting older
I’m one less day from dying young
And I see the light go past my shoulder
I’m one less day from dying young
I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid) of getting older
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young (from dying young)
I see the light (I see the light) go past my shoulder
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young (from dying young!)
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young (from dying young!)
Listen and read the words, I love this!
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Time to roll out the Packzi’s……….

When you say it,it sounds like pun-key or punch key! However you say it, it is a round Polish pastry, similar to a doughnut, usually containing a fruit or cream filling and topped with powdered sugar or a glaze. In some neighborhoods the Thursday before Mardi Gras is Paczki Day, in others it’s Fat Tuesday. So how did all this start, the traditional reason for making pączki was to use up all the lard, sugar, eggs and fruit in the house, because their consumption was forbidden by Christian fasting practices during the season of Lent. There, now you know! I’ve already had my quota of packzi’s for this year! Time to get out my hat that says Proud to be Polish!

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