Keep it Movin, movin, movin………

I have done just that in my lifetime. This is the best my memory has to offer up. Anyone else move more in 70 years? Here goes my list, incase my memory fails me totally!!! I like to move, NOT!

2060 Franklin Ave. Toledo, Ohio
1759 Brussels, Toledo, Ohio
Moved to Detroit, Mi. 1957
Moved back to Toledo, Oh. 1959 lived on Melrose
**** Putman Toledo, Ohio
3820 Rushland Toledo, Ohio 43613
^^^^ Auburn St. Toledo, Ohio
**** Sherwood Huntington Woods, Mi.
^^^^ Freeland, Detroit, Mi.
23500 Scotia Oak Park, Mi.
**** Lakeview Dr.   Calgary, Alberta Canada
**** Elbow Dr.  Calgary, Alberta Canada
24 Cedarwood Hill S.W.  Calgary, Alberta Canada
9827 5th Street  Calgary, Alberta Canada
Cedarbrae Apt.    Calgary, Alberta Canada
2611 106th Ave. #9  Calgary, Alberta Canada
3820 Rushland Ave. Toledo, Ohio 42613
3075 Tremainsville Rd. #101 Toledo, Ohio 43613
3034 Algonquin St. Toledo, Ohio
^^^^ 10th Street    Palmdale, California
8182 Roundup Ct. Orangevale, CA.
4635 Antelope #23    Roseville, California
3034 Algonquin St. Toledo, Ohio
3820 Rushland    Toledo, Ohio
6118 Rolland Dr. Toledo, Ohio & Mesa-24 years on Rolland and Mesa, Arizona for 12.5 years.
5522 Duncan St. Mesa, Arizona & Toledo- Mesa, AZ. ended in 2015
4120 King Rd. Sylvania, Ohio

That is a lot of moves in 70 years. One thing I know for sure is my final move! I will forever live in Ottawa Hills, Ohio!

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Rob Thomas – One Less Day (Dying Young)

I’m not afraid of getting older
I’m one less day from dying young
I see the light go past my shoulder
I’m one less day from dying young
I see my life like a train with a one-way track
I’ve made mistakes, and I couldn’t take ’em back
And I’ve been runnin’ ’round in circles ’til I’m dizzy, I can’t lie
But every night I go to sleep’s a day that I survive
I’m not afraid of getting older
I’m one less day from dying young
I see the light go past my shoulder
I’m one less day from dying young
And I’ve seen my friends fall away before their time
And I’ve been afraid that I may follow in their light
So I drink and love and whisper all the things I know are right
Someday, I will leave this world, but maybe not tonight
I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid) of getting older
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young
I see the light (I see the light) go past my shoulder
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young (yeah!)
All my life I have been wandering
Burning up my candle like my time just won’t end
And I’ll keep burning ’til there’s nothing left
Praying that tomorrow I can do it all again
And if I get tomorrow, I will do it all again
I’m not afraid of getting older
I’m one less day from dying young
And I see the light go past my shoulder
I’m one less day from dying young
I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid) of getting older
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young (from dying young)
I see the light (I see the light) go past my shoulder
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young (from dying young!)
I’m one less day (I’m one less day) from dying young (from dying young!)
Listen and read the words, I love this!
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Time to roll out the Packzi’s……….

When you say it,it sounds like pun-key or punch key! However you say it, it is a round Polish pastry, similar to a doughnut, usually containing a fruit or cream filling and topped with powdered sugar or a glaze. In some neighborhoods the Thursday before Mardi Gras is Paczki Day, in others it’s Fat Tuesday. So how did all this start, the traditional reason for making pączki was to use up all the lard, sugar, eggs and fruit in the house, because their consumption was forbidden by Christian fasting practices during the season of Lent. There, now you know! I’ve already had my quota of packzi’s for this year! Time to get out my hat that says Proud to be Polish!

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Howling Winds

This day is starting out grumpy
The winds are howling through my window
The trees are swaying in time to their own beat
I don’t think I’ll sit by the window seat!

The skies are gray with thick clouds
I wonder who will brave the storm
And venture out in this beasty day
I’m praying for all the animals today.

They must go out and stand their ground
Just to quickly run around and sniff
Marking their spot to keep others away
Hurry up, hurry up today, be safe inside!

So hang on to your hat as this you will need
To keep your hair from covering your eyes
We will weather this storm together
And hope Mother Nature is not a Grizzly Bear!!!

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My life minus my Boo!!!

I cannot believe that I would ever hate the number 1 so much! Tomorrow is the 1st. of February, my Boo died on January 1st. My husband and I think thoughts about our Boo at exact moments. Like the other night sitting on the couch eating a dish of pudding! I looked over at my husband and said don’t say it! He just looked at me and said “I know, me too.” Boo always waited for his turn to lick our bowls!  Then, just as I was typing this, Roland came into the living room with a bowl of pretzels and peanut butter and said, we might as well finish off Boo’s jar of peanut butter.” I showed him what I had typed so far, and so it continues! Boo would take his many pills with his creamy peanut butter! Sitting at the dining room table for lunch or dinner presents more ah-ha moments. Boo always sat by Daddy’s chair just waiting, NEVER begging. He knew whatever Daddy was eating he would get some also! Licking our plates when we could let him was always fun to watch. Boo would put one paw on the plate to keep it from moving across the floor! I cooked chicken and rice for Boo and he loved it so much. I can’t even think about eating chicken and rice now without crying! I still share stories about Boo on this Facebook page, The Adventures of Boo Hansen. Sharing his life and times gives me comfort because as I have been told, “it’s all about Boo” Yes, it is and always will be!

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Tragedy Giggles

Have you or someone you know ever had a case of tragedy giggles aka nervous laughter? I remember when my sister got a case of the giggles after she side-swiped a car. The police were asking her what happened and she just giggled as she told them. They asked her what was so funny in a stern voice. When she came out of the giggles she cried uncontrollably at what had happened! During a game of touch football my teenage kids laughed a me for getting knocked down on the ground. A friend yelled at them for it! I said, “it isn’t their fault, that was the way they were raised.” One time in high school a classmate told me about a kid in our class who was killed from running out into the street between parked cars-not funny! But he was such nerd, we just got a case of the giggles! When our teacher asked us to share what was so funny with the rest of the class, we just couldn’t do it! We were sent to the principal’s office. We wouldn’t tell them either, we had to stay after school that day in a study hall for our punishment! What the world needs now is more laughter, but not more tragedies!

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End of 2018, what good memories!

Below you can read about some highlights of my year! I did this as a way of making me focus on all the good in my life! Positive thoughts result in positive actions!

Going to Toledo Hospital with Boo so he could do his Therapy Magic with the folks in the Surgical Waiting area! Every Tuesday from 10-12 is where we spent the time! A lot of his likes on his Facebook Page, The Adventures of Boo Hansen came from the people we met at the hospital!

Grateful for every Wednesday that Roland and I took his brother Jan out for lunch!

April 4th was a 1st ever reunion from our Jacobson’s employee’s! We met at the Beirut and soon realized the room was elbow to elbow! It was a total success, kudo’s to the planners! Can’t wait for the next one!

The second Saturday of each month found us at Rolands Masonic Lodge for breakfast. New friendships were made with other wives and are now my friends!

May 7th found us with our toes in the sand as we visited The Big Island of Hawaii! We got  to meet our friend Brian’s baby boy, JJ! We continue to find new and interesting things to see and do! This time it was watching a herd of Goats roaming in an ancient burial ground!

Our summer trip took us to Mt. Airy, Rock Hill, S.C., Greenville, S.C., and Knoxville, TN. It was a wonderful week and one I will never forget!
July 9th I ended up in Toledo Hospital overnight!

August 5 was the long awaited Hansen Family Gathering Roland and I put together. We would be meeting cousins that he has not seen in many years or never met before! It was a lot of work but worth every minute of it!

August also found us back in Frankenmuth overnight. We ate at Tony’s Truck Stop, shopped at Bonners, we walked and walked and walked! And then walked and shopped some more! Great fun always in Frankenmuth!

Mondays this past year were a highlight of our staying close to home! We went to lunch with the youngest grandkids to McDonalds and got to watch them play. Roland was so good at playing with the kids-he is a big kid, still!

September was memorable, I turned the big 70! We toured a new 55+ apartment complex in Sylvania, Ohio. that will now be our new apartment home. We are waiting for it to be ready in the Spring. I am excited about this move, I’m ready for it now!

Sadly my Brother-in-law Jan died in October! Knowing it was going to happen, it did not lessen the heart ache when it did! Our Wednesdays are just not the same anymore and never will be! RIP Jan Hansen, I love and miss you!

November was a busy month but the one thing that stands out is I began a new fitness class. Cardio Drumming at the JCC in Sylvania! Now every Monday from 1-2 I get my fit on!

Every holiday, birthday, anyday spent with the kids and grandkids was a blessing! These are only a few highlights of the year in review! I looking forward to making more memories in 2019, I hope it is a good year for all of us! Happy New Year!


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