Is the Handwriting on the wall?

“His signature is this barbed-wire thing that’s into power and control and rigidity,” said Sheila Lowe, a Ventura, Calif., handwriting analyst with more than 40 years of experience in this small field. “It’s closed, it’s not open, it’s not soft at all and it looks like Himmler’s.” As in Heinrich Himmler, head of Adolf Hitler’s SS and the man who established the first official concentration camp at Dachau.

Lowe first came across Trump’s handwriting and signature in the 1990s and has been keeping a professional eye on it since. “Handwriting changes over time in people who grow and change. . . . It’s like a road map of who you were,” she said. Trump’s handwriting, she said, has remained largely consistent for the last 20 years. “He’s the same person he was all those years ago — an empty narcissist.”

Lowe continues, “There’s absolutely no softness in his signature, it’s just mean and tough and rigid, and there is no room for anybody else. He’s not interested in anyone else’s opinion. It’s like a big fence” — a wall? — “yes, and he hides behind it. He’s afraid of being seen.”

Would you be interested in having your handwriting analyzed?

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Heaven is not a place, it’s a dimension!

Whisper I Love you To A Butterfly It Will Fly To Heaven

Visits from the Other Side

“When deceased loved ones want you to know that they’re around, one way they might do that is to send messengers from the animal kingdom: small, brightly-colored bugs, birds and butterflies are not an uncommon choice. Things with wings tend to get our attention, and if you allow yourself to get tuned in, you might even feel who has sent them to you in hopes you’ll receive their message—even if that message is a simple acknowledgement that your loved ones are always around. And if you’re pondering something and asking the Universe for guidance, seeing a cardinal or the like is telling you that you’re being heard and guidance is being offered.” As found over here!

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If wishes were like dreams…..!

 I wish dreams were like wishes and wishes came true, because in my dreams I'm always with you.

I’m not sure why this has been on my mind for days now! Some people are good at knowing what these things mean! I have a cousin who is good at it. Check her out for yourself. Psychic medium, healer, author. Harriette Birnholz Knight, voted one of the Top 50 Psychics in the U.S. 2016.

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Shoot, shootings, shooter, shot!

Breaks my heart to learn of these shootings! I have no words to express myself! I will just say I pray all who were shot at will be ok!

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Now I know that this is a strange title, so let me tell you about it so you will understand. I have noticed of late how often someone will begin to answer a question and begin by saying So! Have you also noticed this, well I bet you will now! Think back to the last Presidential Campaign and how every time you heard Bernie Sanders say, HUGE! Then we heard it said that way by almost everyone! That word like many others are a catchword, (a briefly popular or fashionable word or phrase used to encapsulate a particular concept). I really find it interesting how such words become catchwords! So, listen up and see if you notice all the So and So’s next time!

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Yizkor is a memorial service which is recited on Yom Kippur as well as the last days of Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot. Yizkor, which is the Hebrew word for “remember”, asks G-d to remember those we mourn and to grant them proper rest. When I light my Yahrzeit

Image result for picture of a Yahrzeit Candle

Candle  for all those who I’ve loved and lost, the list gets longer and longer, but I say their names all the same.

Bubby and Zayde Rosenberg
Bubby and Zayde Marenberg
Mom and Dad David and Ida Rosenberg
My sister, Arlene Segal
Aunts and Uncles;
Sam and Rae Rosenberg
Morris and Edith Rosenberg
Al and Charlotte Rosenberg, cousin Alan
Aunt Ann Rosenberg
Uncle Ruby Marenberg
Uncle Art and Aunt Lil Klee
Uncle Bill and Aunt Etty Arden
Uncle Louie Marenberg and his two daughters, Benay Mock and Marsha Powers
My Mother-in-law Pearl Hansen
Aunt Betty and Uncle Memo
And everyone who has in any way touched my life and heart!

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Dream Home

I think we all have our own idea of a dream home, well so do I after seeing this house! Did you go look at it yet? OK, here is the description maybe that will make you want to see it. Located on a quiet tree lined street in the gated Village Grove area of La Cita, this immaculate home has a covered screen porch & a 33 x 12 screened patio with an in-ground spa w/colored lights & new pool heater. Your view beyond is a pond w/turtles, fish & birds. The first floor has an eat-in kitchen w/stainless appliances & 2 pantries, a formal dining area, a great room with soaring ceilings, wood floors, fireplace & a large master bedroom with new laminate floors, a bath w/2 vanities, Jacuzzi tub & a walk-in closet. There is all new interior paint & new carpeting in the 2nd story loft & 2 upstairs bedrooms. Your company will love the guest bedroom & bath with Jacuzzi tub & adjoining sitting area. This is a lovely, light, bright home w/a great outdoor living area to enjoy nature’s beauty! It is located in Titusville, Florida! This can be mine for a mere $239, 000! If only! But it is fun to dream!

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