Happy Days

I will be happy some days and not happy some days! How I feel on these not-so-happy days is usually out of my hands. Everyday is the same start, I open my eyes and know I made it through the night. I get out of bed, do the bathroom thing, let Boo out and make coffee! This is only if I am up first! Then some days, I can be both happy and not-so-happy! I am not going to use the word SAD because it makes me sad! I am going to live my life and hope I have more happy days ahead and not so many not-so-happy days! So, here’s to more not less, lest it be so deemed and out of my control!

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Pom Love

My Pomeranian Boo
Is the love I need,
He is my everything
He is my rescue!

We found each other
and we saved each other,
Everyday we love each other,
More and More!

Boo is a Therapy Dog now
and provides therapy to me also!
He loves going to visit folks
Young and old!

But of all the love Boo shows
His love of his Daddy is special,
The look of love in his eyes,
Says, Daddy I love you!

My heart is happy now that I have Boo
He is my world, my Baby!
Boo brings light into each day,
And peace each night!

My eyes awaken to the face of Boo
Each and everyday,
My Boo lays in my lap
Just to cuddle with Mom!

I Love My Pom Boo!

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Wiregrass Lake

I am adding this to things I didn’t know were in my own backyard, so to speak! Wiregrass Lake is located at 201 N Eber Rd Holland, OH 43528. Which is about 36 minutes or 18.3 miles away from my house. The Metro Parks is really starting to come alive in our neck of the woods (haha) meant to be funny comment! This time of the year is my favorite time to visit the parks! So take a tour of our tax paid for parks.

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If Only……..?

How many times have you heard those words, If Only? Have you had those thoughts before? I have questioned myself about the If’s in my life. What might have been, had I picked another option in my life! In other words regrets, not the same thing you say! Ok, then you explain it as to all the Why’s! I can’t anymore!

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Pour whiskey into Collins glass filled with ice. Fill to desired level with 7 Up. Stir lightly. A 7 and 7 is a popular type of highball, a mixed alcoholic drink containing Seagram’s Seven Crown and 7 Up.  I think I need, no, want a drink! Except with my meds, I can’t drink. I’m dizzy enough without booze! Pour me a milkshake please! Wish it could be a Mudslide!
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Finding Dory

I am so excited that the time as come for us to find Dory on the big screen! Yes, I am feeling like a kid again. I LOVED Finding Nemo and I will LOVE Dory. I remember seeing Nemo’s and Dory’s while snorkeling in Hawaii a few years ago! I came up out of the water, out of breath with excitement about what I had seen! I hope my grand-daughters will go with me to see it. So, who else is excited about seeing Dory?

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It’s the Pits

I have a sick feeling, this is the pits! A pit in my stomach that won’t leave me! So what is this pit? It is the place in your stomach where you experience unpleasant feelings when you are worried, upset, or frightened! You hope and pray it will leave you soon. You can’t put your finger on the reason the pit exist to begin with! Oh, sure I can think of some reason for it to have started, but to hang around this long is just not right! I remember having a pit in my stomach a few times in my life, one was really bad and lasted six months. One was really bad and lasted a whole year! One wasn’t so bad it only lasted a few days! But this one is like the pit growing into a tree within me, branching out every which way! I need to chop down this tree in order to get to the root of this sickness!

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