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Happy New Year

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This Year, Next Year

Once again, another year has come and (nearly) gone. Even though each year seems to pass by faster than the last, 2011 provided no less excitement than previous years! If I asked you to think of a top 10 list … Continue reading

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Definition of a job: J.O.B. = Just Over Broke This is from an ad in todays Arizona Republic newspaper! The ad says “Not being paid what your worth? Feeling trapped in your job? The job is in the Automotive Sales … Continue reading

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Amazing what one can learn if one takes the time to explore more! I’m talking about the link on YouTube to it’s Press/Statistics page! Here is one example that about blew me away, keeping in mind I’m 63, “More video … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

Over here at my Jewels, it has become a tradition on this day to post about Boxing Day! So, this year it continues, Happy Boxing Day to all those who celebrate it!

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Big Bang Song

Have you wanted to sing along with the theme song to The Big Bang Theory, well here is your chance to learn the words! Now, lets all sing together with the Barenaked Ladies! Check out this Walker of Worlds!

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Clean Air or Clear the Air

If you want Clean Air might I suggest you try and do this to help the world! Now if you feel the need to Clear the Air, try this! It is at this time of year, a New Year that … Continue reading

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To Coin A Phrase

Did you ever wonder how this phrase came to be, what does it mean? It means to create a new expression that is worthy of being remembered and repeated. So now that we set that record straight, here are some … Continue reading

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Footloose and Fancy Free

Are you footloose and fancy free? Do you like being Footloose? Now, if you were this Fancy Free would you like it?

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Big Bowl Bargain

Anyone who know me, knows I love a good deal! My last good deal was on a set of 4 Sterilite bowls with lids. Regular price $11.49, I got them for $2.87, such a deal! At the same store I … Continue reading

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