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No Comment……..

Not that I don’t want comments or be able to make a comment, but WordPress is giving me a comment off message, WTH is up with that? so this is a test, only a test to see if that message … Continue reading

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That Was Then, This Is Now

That was then, this is now! That was then, this is now! That was then, this is now!

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One day I hope to return and see my favorite mountain range. In the meantime I am very happy to look at my Arizona Mountains.

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Baby Bald Eagles

I love watching these little birds in the nest! I don’t like the stupid birds that keep hitting my picture window, it happened again this morning. Feathers all over the carport, but I couldn’t find the bird, dead or alive! … Continue reading

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The Royal Couple

You are all invited to the royal wedding on TV next Friday! Granted the bulk of the watchers will be women, as for men, it is a fair guess they will keep their enthusiasm under control. That’s because they know … Continue reading

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Windows 9

It’s not nice to fool with old mothers! I was happy with my Internet Explorer 7, but now I have #9 to learn. It’s suppose to be easy and I guess it is for a young mind that isn’t set … Continue reading

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Ok, now I know what 420 means, but just a little ago I had no clue. I was watching The Price Is Right and some chick bid 420 on everything, I didn’t know, but thanks to websites like this my head is out … Continue reading

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Self, Pain, Anger, Healing…..

“There are some emotions along with their consequential behaviors that are so powerful, so consuming, that they can peck away and eat at a person to the point that these negative emotions and consequential behaviors can consume the very soul … Continue reading

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Flavored Sourdough Pretzel Pieces

I love this snack and my favorite flavor is Honey Mustard & Onion. Thanks to UTZ for making them along with other good snacks. When you find something you like and then find it at a rock bottom price, it’s … Continue reading

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Zero Hour

It still amazes me what you can find doing a search for topics that could become a blog entry. Well, that is exactly what happened today when I found “Zero Hour”. Roland and I have been singing songs from Fiddler … Continue reading

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