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Jacobson’s Department Store Toledo Reunion

I worked at Jacobson’s from 1984 until 1991! I started out in the Audit office, then went to work in the Credit office! Our Toledo store was so special and it was because of the people who worked there! Last … Continue reading

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Finger Wave

WOW! I was just catapulted back in time as I read the new trends in hairstyles for the new year! I remember my Grandmother would get her hair done for special occasions and would always get a Finger Wave! I … Continue reading

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What do you Crave? Maybe you should drink what you Crave, I did last night! I had a craving for the Chocolate Cherry Liqueur! It was like a chocolate covered cherry, only drinkable! I got the 3 pack trial size, … Continue reading

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Blue Diamond

They are not singing the Blues now, they are liking the color “Green”, as in Big Money! As for me, make mine Purple!! Purple Diamonds can be found in a pure, single color although it is very uncommon. More often, … Continue reading

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Golden Oldies

Just remember that you favorite music of today will be your golden oldies someday! It’s also been said that everything that’s old is new again! My music of the 60’s may be golden oldies to some, but it has survived … Continue reading

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Some mornings when I wake up and look in the mirror, my bedhead is enough to scare even me!  But a once in a lifetime occurrence happened to me this morning, my bedhead (A hairstyle that people spend almost an … Continue reading

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Family Ties

Family ties can have many different knots! Some people have been have-nots for a while on this show! Some people appear to have it all, while others have none! So, I ask you this question, are you a Modern Family … Continue reading

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