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Goodbye June!

Hello July! Well, here we are, the last day of the month, time for a new month to start and it usually does with a bang-boom-kaboom! Now that put a whole new spin on Light My Fire!  Then again I’m … Continue reading

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Space Currency

“PayPal and two space travel groups are forming a group to investigate what currency might be used beyond Earth’s realm once space tourism takes off.” Think about this for a minute, if you have one to spare and let me … Continue reading

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Jaw Dropping

On this date in 1975, Jaws were dropping all over the place! Do you remember the first time your jaw dropped open from fright? Does it still make you jump out of your seat, even though you know when it … Continue reading

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Boo Update

I got my Boo today, he is a Purebred Pom and he was meant for me to rescue him from the Pound! He is 2 yrs. old and weights 10 lbs, and is apricot with a white mane! A BIG … Continue reading

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Best Little Beach Towns

I found this list of the best little beach towns over at CNN! How many have you heard of? I knew about 3 of them, but the other ones sure have peaked my travel bug and my love of beaches! … Continue reading

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Flag Day

Hey Findlay, Ohio, it’s all about your fair city today as it’s Flag Day. Fly your flag proudly!!!

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Why is a thumb called thumb?

So what is the answer to this question, I found it over here under my thumb! Along the same topic, why is the little finger called a pinky? Do the other three fingers have special names? The first finger is … Continue reading

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