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Trailways Ticket Agent

Who? Broadcaster and author, and anchor of PBS’ the NewsHour, with Jim Lehrer, that’s WHO! You see his dad was a bus driver, I’m sure it helped Jim get the job! NSBA agent would sound like this; Now leaving Orlando, … Continue reading

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No: Why Kids-of All Ages-Need to Hear It

and Ways Parents Can Say It, so says Dr. David Walsh, President and founder of the National Institute on Media and the family. Walsh argues in his book that we are raising our children in a “Yes” culture that gives … Continue reading

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The Biker's Creed

I found this creed in a magazine at the Boothill Saloon in Daytona Beach, Fl. It was my first time in a real biker bar and the place was more interesting than any bar I’ve ever been in. So, back … Continue reading

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What's in-What's not!

Let me say at the onset of this post, I am about to take you back to another place in time. It’s 1962 and I worked downtown at my Grandmothers clothing store. She was the original Odd Lot lady. All … Continue reading

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The Garden of Ruth

The book transports the reader to biblical times and to the lives of its two main characters: Osnath and Ruth. Osnath is a product of the author’s imagination while Ruth is the famous biblical character who is the first convert … Continue reading

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Final Rule

“The Departments of Homeland Security and Justice have issued a final rule raising civil monetary penalties on employers for violating the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The higher penalties are divided into three groups: (1) employing unauthorized workers and I-9 … Continue reading

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I called it!

Just a reminder that on my blog of 2/27/08 when I wrote about dancing with the stars, this is what I said “Ok, I’m going out on a limb and picking my #1 star KRISTI YAMAGUCHI & MARK BALLAS – … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Ringtones

I’m still learning about my cell phone and all the things that can be done assigning different sounds for certain numbers. My main ringtone makes me want to get up and dance whenever I hear it.

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Friends of Convenience

I called you yesterday but you were not home!                         I left a message on the answering machine,                                I still haven’t heard back from you!                                              I guess you’ll call when it’s convenient. I need my friend to do me a favor, … Continue reading

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Yael Naim

I bet you are thinking, WHAT is a Yael Naim, or maybe WHO is Yael Naim. Check this out for yourself, but beware, once you know, it will stay with you a long time! 

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