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Friends Are Like Shoes

Taken in part from “A Cup Of Comfort”, by Donna Marganella “Some of my friends, like some of my shoes, were silly mistakes that ended up in the Goodwill-or rather, good riddance-pile. They never did fit properly, and they always … Continue reading

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Have a Little Faith

It’s what’s on my TV viewing menu tonight! I read everything by Mitch Albom and watch the Hallmark movies based on his books! Based on what is going on in my life, I need to “have a little faith”.

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While watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, it came to me how cool this word Bazinga is! Now that I have stopped ROTFLMAO, tag it’s your turn! How many times can you watch this clip?

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Password has taken on a whole new meaning since this Password began! Passwords today need to be more inventive than ever before thanks to Hackers. Have you seen this list of the 25 Worst Passwords of 2011? I have come … Continue reading

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Snow Globe

Snow globes have been around for a very long time, but I’ve never seen one like this globe before! I found it intereesting that Corbin Bernsen collects snow globes! Snow Globes have been taken to a new level in recent … Continue reading

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Final Run

This runner would not give up! My grandson is a Cross-Country runner, this is why I worry about the guys and girls who RUN so hard and so fast! My grandson also made it to the state championship in Michigan, … Continue reading

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Do you like the game Scrabble? I do, and because of that, I like playing Words with Friends on Facebook. It is not like other mindless games! It requires you to think and in doing so helps keep the brain … Continue reading

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OK, I know everyone and their brother is making note of the date today. I’d like to say I have something to add to all of this, but I don’t!!! Yes it is Veterns Day and also 11-11-11! How many … Continue reading

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What’s Up Doc?

That is the question for today! Do you know what’s up with this Doc? Or this, What’s up Doc? Maybe it’s time for a little Fuddism! Or a trip back in time to 1986? So, I ask you once more, … Continue reading

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Humana Cares

Humana, Humana, mo-mana, Humana-fana fo-fana Fee-fi-mo-mana Humana! The Name Game is fun and so is the Humana Center. They have all kinds of activities for seniors. You can play Wii games, bingo, poker, have free coffee and cookies and popcorn,¬†¬†watch … Continue reading

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