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Rabbits Are Back!!!!

I don’t know where the rabbits have been hiding, but it has been a few years since I’ve seen them around the yard. That being said, last night as I stood outside, I saw movement out of the corner of … Continue reading

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Steamy, Stormy, Hotter than Hell Weather

Well what the Hell do you expect, after all it is almost the height of the summer season, steamy, stormy, sweltering heatwaves! Stormy weather can be interesting to watch! Stormy weather can sound like this! Stormy weather can look like … Continue reading

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Pickle Sickle

Before we get into the topic of pickle juice, I want to let you know I’m am a pro at making Kosher Dill Pickles! I have a grand daughter who loves pickles more than anyone I have ever meet. The … Continue reading

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Engelbert Humperdinck and Religion

Do you remember Engelbert Humperdinck singing I Believe? What do you believe in? The other day I wrote about Believing in Love, check it out if you missed it! I received an invite to join a Facebook page today that … Continue reading

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Nail Polish

There is not much history as to how the custom of painting fingernails began, but here is some background information about nail polish for you to read! Now I would like to share a real life Nail Polish story with … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in Love?

Do you think people “Fall in Love, Brain and Soul“? Do you Believe in Love? Sometimes we let affection, go unspoken, Sometimes we let our love go unexpressed, Sometimes we can’t find words to tell our feelings, Especially towards those … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin, U. S. statesman and inventor and –John Adams, U. S. President Franklin, would you believe, was a practicing 18th century nudist! He took his “air baths” by sitting in the buff in front of an open window. President … Continue reading

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