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Birthday Wish List

Let’s see how many comments I will get over here as well as on Facebook! I posted this question on FB, who wants to know what is on my birthday wish list? I wish I could cure the world of … Continue reading

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Dr. Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. I just learned of her last night while watching the Emmy’s. If I had HBO, I most likely would have watched the movie and known … Continue reading

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ll Divo

Do you know the story of how ll Divo began, NO! Well then let me direct you here and then you’ll know. These four guys can Unbreak a heart like no other. I have but one word to say about … Continue reading

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Holland Taylor

Who is Holland Taylor and why did I not know her name before now? She is one of the funniest ladies on TV today and is in the running for an Emmy this coming Sunday. She is up with this … Continue reading

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Tens of thousands of revellers from around the world pelted each other with tons of tomatoes yesterday in a mushy festival in the eastern Spanish town of Bunol. The one-hour bloodless battle, known as the Tomatina, left the town awash … Continue reading

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Prince Poppycock

is FANTASTIC! America’s Got Talent saved the best for last on the show last night. His talent was far and away the best of the night. Do you want to learn more about him, I suggest you visit his site. … Continue reading

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The old-fashioned purchase plan, which had its heyday in the ’20s and ’30s but dwindled in the days of easy credit, lets shoppers who can’t afford full price at checkout pay as they go. But instead of putting that toy … Continue reading

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Free to Be You and Me

It’s one of those songs you can’t get out of your head, you know the kind, right? Thanks to Target, they have put it in my head over and over with their commercial for back to school. Theirs is just … Continue reading

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The Barn

Have you ever been to this Barn before? Well, you are in for a big treat if you go here. I was so pleased with everything The Barn had to offer. And the drive from Toledo was nice, got to … Continue reading

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Age of Aquariums

At first glance I’ll bet you read the title as Age of Aquarius. The old fish tank has come along way baby! Homes, offices, restaurants and even retail stores all sport various sizes of fish tanks. I grew up with fish … Continue reading

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