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Final Day

So today is the final day of 2010, take time now and think back to what this past year has meant for you! How many friends and relatives had their final day this year? What did we learn this year that will … Continue reading

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Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Continuing on with my chicken theme, the above queestion has always given me a few chuckles (lol). It’s story time, have you read this yet, no, ok, you’re in cluck opps I meant luck!!! If you liked that link, you’ll … Continue reading

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Good Egg

Since yesterday was Eat More Chicken, today I’m following that with Good Egg, thanks to Kate! Or how about this Good Egg? When was the last time you ordered Poached Eggs, I love my eggs made that way! However you … Continue reading

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It’s always interesting when on my way to looking up one thing I find another. As was just the case this morning when I came upon the word chronogram, I did not know about it. If you would like to … Continue reading

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Eat More Chicken

Now, who do you think would say “eat more chicken’? Ok that was funny, you’re doing the hahaha thing, aren’t you? Just remember it is healthy to laugh, laughter is good for your physical being as a hug is for … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

Over here at my Jewels, it has become a tradition on this day to post about Boxing Day! So, this year it continues, Happy Boxing Day to all those who celebrate it! Check out the entry from 2009! Then go … Continue reading

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Lump Of Coal

Here’s hoping you don’t find a lump of coal in your stocking tonight! Now don’t get all high and haughty cause you know you’ve been naughty. Being good may have been your goal, but Santa peeked and you’re getting coal! And … Continue reading

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