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Straw Bale Garden

I’m really happy I came across this, sounds so simple and easy. This is how to plant a Straw Bale Garden if you are interested! Next year in my garden, bring on the bales of straw for me!

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Fact or Fiction?

You’ve heard that phrase before. There’s even a television show by that name. There is even a board game you can play! You’ve also heard the phrase “There’s two sides to every story” and the phrase “There’s two sides of … Continue reading

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Yum or Yuck?

Is this list of 21 freakish foods enough to gag me with a spoon? Yes! Is this a hunger game or do you just like to try out gross sounding food combinations? Time to get serious, Eat This, Not That!! … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord.Buffet.Hors d’oeuvre

Food Feasts are good no matter what name they are given! Have you ever been to a Dim Sum? So, whether you prefer a  Smorgasbord, Buffet, or Hors d’oeuvre, there will be something to please your discriminating palate! Ess gezunterhait!

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Blow Me Over

From time to time, I hear meteorologists speak of tornado alley. As of late, it’s been frequent again. So, I again wondered to myself: “What is ‘Tornado Alley’?” Today on GMA they showed a teen really getting blown away, did … Continue reading

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Easter Monday

Yes, it is Easter Monday, so make the best of it where ever you are! Each day of the week has special names, Wednesdays are Hump Days, Thursdays are SHIT (So Happy It’s Thursday), TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)!Here are … Continue reading

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To Retire or Not To Retire?

Some people need to retire and don’t, it’s sad that they can’t see what everyone around them sees! Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes Fame and who died yesterday, had this to say about retirement! “Wallace said then that he had … Continue reading

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Madagascan Pochards

1 little, 2 little, 3 little……..18 little Pochards! Some people thought this Mission Impossible, but others believed in the possible! Call it crazy if you will, but I love this little guys and girls, even if I’m partial to Mallards! … Continue reading

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Happy Passover

The Passover celebration begins today at sundown as Jewish communities around the world gather to tell the story of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. Happy Passover to everyone! We will be with our Arizona cousins tonight and it will be … Continue reading

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16 Luxury Cars

US customs officials have seized 16 luxury cars which had been stolen and were being smuggled out of the country on cargo ships! All thanks to a Ferrari GPS System! And it was just yesterday I blogged about TomTom’s! Oh … Continue reading

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