Tattoo on you!!!!!

I love my temporary tattoos! I really like my Hot Jewels Metallic tattoos! I find it interesting that body art-tattoos are so the rage today! So, I decided to take a poll of my friends and asked “How do you decide what tattoo to get and where it is placed on your body? Does each tattoo have a special meaning or is it just something you like? Tattoo’s are very BIG business these days! How much have you spend so far on yours?” Here are their answers;

“Me myself, i got my first one with a friend, i drew it up and we both got the same one, 65.00 the placing was just where we thought it wouldn’t hurt. Lol. My 2nd one was cuz i liked it And i put my own spin on it, 100.00 my 3rd and 4th were tiny one heart and this sign ; for hurting yourself prevention thing 65.00 heart is on my chest and the ; is on my wrist cuz that was where those went.”

“Got this for my 65th birthday a few (?) Years back. I LOVE Flamingo’s. It is on my inner right ankle so I can see it when I cross my legs. Cost around $100. Maybe 5 inches at the most. PS. Don’t plan on another.”

“I have 2. The first I got with my two best friends and the second was to honor my Dad. I don’t plan on anymore. I paid $100 and $50″

” I don’t have any, because needles, but I know what I want.
A peach, as realistic as possible, on the back of my neck. My Opa’s nickname for me. I might manage to screw up the courage for this one yet.
The other, I will likely never ever get, because of the pain and expense: Briar Roses from the end of my sternum, across my ribcage, down to my hip, with a black panther such that if I do a belly roll, the cat looks like it’s running.”

“I haven’t had the time and cash line up such to get mine done yet, but here’s my planned list.
Left and right Shoulder Blades: Corresponding Wadjet. Protection in Life and Death, symbols of both Ra and Djehuti, two of my primary Deities.
Left Tricep: Inscription of the One Ring (LOTR) wrapped around. Artist’s choice in accenting.
Underside of Left Forearm, near Wrist: Kemehraht Hide and Wicker shield
Underside of Right Forearm, near Wrist: Khopesh, to match the Shield. The two signify my position as Ehrahti of Saakhiim.
Directly over my Heart: Scarab beetle. Symbol of Khepri, aspect of Ra
Outside of Left Calf: Tower of Barad Dûr, done in New School style (Cartoony, bold lines, vivid colors exaggerated proportions)
Outside of Right Calf: Isengard in the Black and Gray Linework style
Nape of the Neck: A Split Flag. One half the Pansexual Pride flag, other half the Non-binary Pride flag, with the Trans Pride flag as color clouding around it
Left Pectoral: A black Ankh. I worked hard to earn it, and wear my Silver with pride. I want one that shall be with my Kāh even when my Silver is not.
Right Pectoral: Arabic Script “حامية”, “Protector”.
Right Shoulder, winding down to Bicep: Japanese Script “銀の羽に吊り下げ” “Suspended on Silver Wings”
And that’s all for now.

About Judy Hansen

I have lived in many cities in the US and even lived in Calgary,Alberta Canada. But I always seem to end up where my life began in Toledo, Ohio. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, sister, aunt, and I'll be your best friend!
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