New Watercooler?

Here is a sample of how social media is the new watercooler, taken from a conversation from the Daily Download!

“And what the chairman of the Labor Relations, Mark Pearce, is saying is that many people these days use social media as the new watercooler. So, if you couldn’t get fired for standing around with some fellow workers complaining about the boss or the working conditions, you can’t get fired for putting it on Twitter or Facebook, even though a lot more people will see it.

Now, very different if you were in politics. For example, there’s a Virginia sheriff’s deputy who was fired for going on Facebook and liking the opponent of his boss who was going to run against the sheriff. And that is still being fought out in the courts.”

So, my thoughts on this vary from it’s Not-OK, but on the other hand, I believe in free speech! Is it ever going to be an accepted form of watercooler topics?


About Judy Hansen

I have lived in many cities in the US and even lived in Calgary,Alberta Canada. But I always seem to end up where my life began in Toledo, Ohio. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, sister, aunt, and I'll be your best friend!
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