Chicken Jerky vs Jerk Chicken

I am making Chicken Jerky today for the first time! Jerk Chicken is not jerky! I’ve made Beef Jerky for years, but it is time to try something new! The food dehydrator is going to be put to good use once again! Just think of the money I’m saving by making it at home! Mine is 27 cents an ounce vs $1.84 per ounce for store bought! Now don’t be a Jerk and jerk my chain for saving money, I am the one who is always hit up for loans!!!!


About Judy Hansen

I have lived in many cities in the US and even lived in Calgary,Alberta Canada. But I always seem to end up where my life began in Toledo, Ohio. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, sister, aunt, and I'll be your best friend!
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