Voice or Keyboard?

Are you ready to give up your keyboard and just talk into a microphone? Well get ready, that day will be here before we know it! I just read about this in the New York Times! So, is talking to a phone the same as talking on it? I am open to new ways of doing old things, but trust me when I say they are pushing my buttons! Oh! I guess that would be wrong, no more buttons to push, just speak up and hope the robot can understand you! I have a nephew that if he reads this entry will see himself being the first to change to voice command, because he is always cutting edge and wants every new toy! And he would say I am always behind in being Tech Savvy!  I don’t mind, by the time I learn what’s new, it’s old again!


About Judy Hansen

I have lived in many cities in the US and even lived in Calgary,Alberta Canada. But I always seem to end up where my life began in Toledo, Ohio. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, sister, aunt, and I'll be your best friend!
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