Facts of Life

There are Facts of Life and then there are just interesting facts about life. Some people twist the facts and put their own spin on what is said. Like a simple statement like “Guns Kill”, created a hugh controversary on Facebook, but it is a fact of life that guns were invented for the sole purpose of killing, whatever, animals or people! So, I found this statement online, “Guns don’t kill people — people kill people.” but people don’t need guns to kill people, so people kill people would be a fact or not? I digress from my topic at hand.

About Judy Hansen

I have lived in many cities in the US and even lived in Calgary,Alberta Canada. But I always seem to end up where my life began in Toledo, Ohio. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, sister, aunt, and I'll be your best friend!
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1 Response to Facts of Life

  1. Excellent! I could not believe that conversation over on my Facebook page when some folks tried to tell me I was really saying something other than what I said and what I meant when I wrote it. I guess they know better what my thoughts are than I do myself!

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